Snow topped pines swayed in the blizzard’s fog. That same wind carried Franz to the stone steps of his house of worship. Forcefully closing the church’s door behind him, he had arrived with hope.

The year is 1818, Oberndorf bei Salzburg (Austria), and this is the beginning of our story. Due to the well known, and undisputed truth around the unreliability of all church organs operating in Austria in the year 1818, on Christmas Eve, Franz Gruber birthed a composition that would forever live inside the Christmas canon, Stille Nacht, known around here, as Silent Night.

187 years later, on another Christmas Eve, inside a double wide trailer in the heart of the Midwest, another experiential and epiphanic musical birth took place. It was on that day, that an adult, who was only known as ‘Jay’s mother’, would for the first time in her life, enjoy a piece of music, that same piece of music Gruber had so lovingly birthed from his brain holes. This time in a stilted, chord melody form, by the Midwest whiz kid, Ryan McQuen, well known in the area.

Knowing that he could win the heart of a stalwart music hater like ‘Jay’s mother’, Ryan realized one of the true callings in his life was to occassionally play music, and bring that same experience to INSERT EVENT NAME HERE.

Neither Ryan, nor any Austrian historians could be reached to verify any part of this article. As such, some or all of it may be fictitious.

  • Notable journalist

“The worst jazz I’ve seen in Everett, but strangely, also the best.”

  • Avid concert-goer and all around good person